A shocking development

A kitchen warrior.
A kitchen warrior.

I interrupted my son as he was working on wiring in our gutted kitchen.

As he turned to respond, he touched a live wire and got a jolt.

He wasn’t hurt, and we laughed it off. But it brought back a memory.

He was about 4 years old and playing with an Operation game in our living room. Maybe you remember those little tweezers with metal tips that are used to pluck parts from the body on the game board.

I was sitting at the dining room table, and Keith was just out of my sight.

Suddenly the lights went out. I glanced out the window, thinking a storm was brewing.

Then Keith popped into view. With hands behind his back, he proclaimed, “I’m OK.”


“Why wouldn’t you be OK?” I asked.

He confessed he had stuck the Operation game tweezers into a wall outlet to see what might happen. It threw a circuit and evidently gave him a little smack.

I was glad he hadn’t been hurt, but now I’m thankful for his interest in household infrastructure. In those days, one of his favorite books from the library was an illustrated explanation of home plumbing.

He is 29 now and recently completed an MBA program. He’s about to start a management consultant job but has come home for a couple of weeks to help with the kitchen makeover.

It’s a godsend.

Even before he arrived, he had used spreadsheet software to set up a project planning document for us. It lets us track the budget and organize information about contractors, supplies and products.

He pitches in on every aspect of the work and is showing great aptitude for his upcoming management job. In the nick of time this week, he made a major save.

He discovered from our kitchen design printout that we were slated for more cabinet on one wall than we have space. That is, unless we wanted a cabinet to extend six inches into the doorway.

We were scheduled to sign on the dotted line and pay half the price the very next day. We made a call, and the planner adjusted the order and apologized. Whew.

That was trouble avoided, for sure. But that’s not the best thing about having Keith home.

This is a rare and joyous two weeks we’re spending with him.

We waited to start this project until he could come, and it’s proved to be a great decision.

He seems happy, too. This morning I overheard him cheerfully tell his dad, “After getting shocked a couple of times yesterday, I’m checking every single wire.”

Good to hear.



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