Too many questions

At the end of a long, hard week on the kitchen project, guess what still needed to be done.
At the end of a long, hard week on the kitchen project, guess what still needed to be done.

It’s the end of the first week of our kitchen redo, and I am unhinged.

Well, not completely. It’s actually been a pretty smooth week, if you can describe the dismantling of a big chunk of your house in such terms.

However, I am good and tired of making decisions.

After months of agonizing over cabinets, countertops and flooring, I thought I was through with that.

Now I’m being asked questions like:

–Do you want this cabinet hinged on the left or the right?

–What color do you want your outlets and switchplates to be? Where do you want them?

–How low do you want the pendant lights to hang?

My answer is usually a blank look and, “Uh, I don’t know.”

The hinge questions came from our cabinet supplier as he prepared the final order. He always offers advice but explains that it also comes down to personal preference.

This can throw you for a loop when you have no personal preference.

My old cabinets were hinged just fine, as far as I know. I don’t remember ever thinking, “Darn, I wish that door opened the other way.”

But the kitchen has been gutted and its contents hauled away. I couldn’t recall how the single cabinets hinged even though I had opened them thousands of times. Close your eyes and try to imagine yours. It’s harder than you think.

Perhaps I go through life just accepting what is, at least when it comes to houses. Other people apparently are not like this. Like my husband.

Rod cares about hinges and all forms of hardware. He could have answered the questions confidently. But he stayed behind to work on the project while I inked the deal.

He is acting as our general contractor, and he and our son are doing some of the work themselves. We gave Keith the weekend off to spend with his girlfriend.

Rod is tired but in his element.

So far we have been lucky to find competent, friendly people to do the jobs he can’t or doesn’t care to do.

All the demolition and many of the needed plumbing changes are under our belts. The electrical work is well along.

New insulation and drywall are on site and will be installed next week. The hardwood flooring fellow has scheduled us for the week after that, so we hope to be ready.

I might as well brace for more questions.




One thought on “Too many questions

  1. Flooring! Sheesh. We doubled up new floor joists anticipating heavy tile flooring. Now the wife wants antique wood. She shares your indecisiveness.


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